Meet the maker behind [Rå oils]

rå oils was founded by mother and daughter Elin and Frida in Reykjavik Iceland.

Elin (mother),53, is a licensed beauty therapist and aromatherapist, and creative director at rå oils. Elin lives in Reykjavik Iceland and works out of the rå oils studio. Her favorite hobbies are taking evening walks and going out to the country house where there is complete serenity in nature and not even any electricity. Elin's favorite quote is 'You can accomplish anything if you just put your mind to it'

Frida (daughter), 27, is a financial technology innovation consultant and works and lives in London. With a full-time job in the City Frida spends most of her weekend downtime working on rå oils, and she wouldn't want to spend it any other way. For 2017 she does however have a goal to travel more together with her long-time boyfriend, and the two have already booked trips to Thailand, Singapore, New York, South Africa and Bali for the year – and they're only getting started! Frida's favorite quote is 'Stop calling it your dream. Start calling in your plan'.

How was rå oils born? What's the story behind?

rå oils was born back in 2013 when Frida (daughter) had finally had enough of searching for a solution to her acne, which had plagued her since her early teenage years.

Over the years she had spent a fortune on both over-the-counter skin care products for acne, and on private dermatologists, as well as suffering two painful rounds of accutane drug treatments and denying herself of all foods said to be remotely linked to acne. Despite all of this, her acne never went away and the strong drug treatments left her face badly scarred.

It was then that Elin (mother), a beauty therapist and later an aroma therapist, decided to take matter into her own hands. She had been reading a lot about the power of oils and was convinced that oils could be the solution to her daughter's problem. She started experimenting making oils, and the more she experimented the more convinced she became that oils could be the solution to a lot more than just acne.

It was then that she decided that she needed to learn more about oils and so she became a certified aromatherapist. - After months and months of testing they then finally found the optimal blend for acne-prone skin. After starting to use the oil, Frida's skin improved dramatically over the months until it became completely clear - and stayed clear!

Seeing the amazing results, Elin then developed another oil to help a friend suffering badly from psoriasis. So badly, that she should to scratch her skin so that it would start to bleed every night when sleeping. After starting to use the oils though, her psoriasis improved so much that her skin completely stopped itching and the redness and swelling went down.

Going back to Frida, her acne had cleared up completely but her skin was still left badly scarred. Together they then started the journey of developing the perfect blend for treating acne scars. This was a long process of sourcing the best ingredients and finding the right balance between them.

All the hard work paid off in the end and they developed the perfect blend they were looking for to treat acne scars. Today, for the first time in over 10 years, Frida's skin is healthy, clear and even - and she feels more beautiful without makeup then with.

How did you come up with the brand's name? What was your inspiration for rå oils?

We wanted the name to reflect the rawness of our products – no nasties, only pure natural and high quality oils and ingredients, while at the same time refer to our Nordic heritage. Hence the chose the word rå or 'raw' together with the essence of all our products, natural oils.

What concept do you wish to convey with Ra Oils?

We want people to know how powerful natural ingredients can be to fight difficult skin conditions such acne and eczema, as well as fine lines and wrinkles by healing and nourishing the skin.

We hope that when our customers think of rå oils they think of high quality active natural ingredients that feed and heal their skin.

Why choose a clean brand?

After having tried pretty much every single prescription product as well as over-the-counter pharmacy product and experiencing their harsh side-effects we decided to try the natural way  - and we've never wanted to go back! That's why we started rå oils – because we wanted more people to experience the power of natural oils and what they can do for your skin without the bad side-effects.

What message do you wish to pass on to your customers?

To give clean beauty a chance and do your research – your skin is your body's biggest organ and you'll wear it for the rest of your life so take good care of it. Clean beauty brands are often a bit more expensive that many of the household cosmetic brands but there is a reason for it. You should demand high quality active ingredients in the products you buy, so always read the ingredients list and take note on what's at the top – because very often that ingredient will be water (aqua), so what you're mainly paying for there is water. Make sure that what you are paying for are ingredients you want to pay for and that will nourish your skin, not bring toxins to it or simply won't do any good.

What's your favorite product?

I think both our favorite product is our acne therapy oil – it was our first product and the reason we started rå oils. Seeing how that oil has helped so many people as well is just amazing, we love hearing from our customers' that have tried and love our acne oil.

We're also bringing out an acne cleanser and facemask that we are very excited about and have been doing wonders for our test group. Those two definitely come close behind as our favorite products right now.

How do you prefer to use it?

I (Frida) have now moved off the acne oil to our anti-aging oil as I no longer have acne but I use the two oils the same. After cleansing with our acne cleanser (even if I no longer have acne I still use the cleanser as my skin is still prone to mild breakouts during times of stress or my period) I follow with a spritz of our organic rose water mist (another favorite product I can't live without!) and while my skin is still moist I follow with a pump of our oil. And nothing else. I do this same routine both morning and evening.

What's the most sold product?

Our acne therapy oil is definitely our most sold product – although our organic rose water mist is a close second. Our rose water mist is a great product for everyone and should be used both as part of your skincare routine but also throughout the day to hydrate your skin, even over make, and to give you that dewy glowing look.

Where do you see Ra Oils in the future? What are your plans for Ra Oils?

We want to take rå oils global and make it a household name in beauty – not just clean beauty but all beauty as we believe the future is clean. In the near future we are focusing on expanding our product range and operations, as well as areas we can ship to, taking one market at a time.

Can you give us a sneak peek of upcoming products/news?

We have a few very exciting products coming up – a few we unfortunately cannot share at this stage as it's still too early in the process – but the two I can share are our Clear Skin Cleanser and Miracle Clay Mask – both additions to our acne therapy line.

What is your beauty routine?

For both of us, our beauty routine is simple but powerful.

Cleanse each morning, Frida with our Clear Skin Cleanser and Elin with another one of our cleansers for more mature skin we are currently testing, using a hot cloth cleansing method.

Followed by a spritz of our organic rose water mist and then a pump of our anti-aging oil (we both use that oil, as it's never to early to start preventing your skin from aging). This we do morning and evening.

We then always have our rose water mist in our bags throughout the day and top up with regular spritzes to keep our skin hydrated and achieve that glowing dewy look.

Once a week we also mask. Currently Frida is using our Miracle Clay Mask that´s coming out soon, while Elin is using another mask we are testing for more mature skin.

What is your secret beauty tip?

For both of us it’s our organic rose water mist. After putting on makeup we always follow it with a spritz of mist as it sets in nicely and gives it a more natural looking glow – so it looks like we almost don't have any makeup on.

When do you feel the most beautiful?

For both of us, it's no makeup, happy, well rested and having just completed a great workout.