Maya water facial mist

Maya water facial mist


Acai, the super berry originating from Brazil, contains double the amount of antioxidants as the blueberry. The antioxidants in acai prevent skin cells from breaking down, making the skin keep its glow and firmness. Lutein and anthocyanin, two important and powerful antioxidants in the plant pigment of the berry, actively protect the skin cells from premature aging coming from pollution, radiation, stress, etc.

MWFM Organic Acai is made with Norwegian thermal spa water, white tea and organic acai. It contains vitamins A, C and E, zinc, iron and the fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9. The fatty acids are espeacially important during the winter and are therefor a great suplement for tender skin in the cold.


MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST™ is naturally pH neutral, odour-free, and suitable for all skin types. Its specially designed nozzle is made to make the finest mist, which allows the skin to absorb the water immediately, helping to nourish, cleanse and apply moisture on bare skin, or over your make up. It is specially designed to wear over make-up.

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